Study Guide. Properties of materials

Properties of materials


Physical properties. These properties relate to how materials react to external stimuli.

Chemical properties. We can see these properties when the chemical
composition of a material changes because it
interacts with other substances.
Chemical properties are any of the properties of
matter that may only be observed and measured by performing a chemical change
or chemical reaction.

Ecological properties. Material properties concerning with the environment.

o Physical properties:

• Electrical properties:

Electrical conductivity. Some materials conduct electricity. (Metals)

Electrical insulation. Some materials don’t conduct electricity. (Wood)

• Thermal properties:

Thermal conductivity. Some materials conduct heat. (Metals)

Thermal insulation. Some materials don’t conduct heat. (Cork, wool,…)

• Optical properties:

Opaque. You can’t see through an opaque material.

Translucent. You can’t see through a translucent material but light can go through. (Some types of plastic)

Transparent. You can see through a transparent material. (Glass)

• Acoustic properties:

Acoustic conductivity. The capacity of materials to transmit sound. (Any metal)

Acoustic insulators. Some materials don’t conduct sound well. (Cork)

• Magnetic properties:

Magnetism. Some metals attract other metallic materials.

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