Study Guide. Raw Materials and Materials

4.1. Raw materials and materials


Raw material:

  1. The basic natural material we use to manufacture other products.
  2. Unprocessed substances in their natural state.
  3. Raw materials are substances that are extracted directly from natural objects.


  1. A processed raw material that is ready for making any type of product.
  2. Substance that has been prepared for making different types of products.

Manufactured goods:

Products created by humans to satisfy our needs and improve our standard of living.

A manufactured good is any object created by humans to satisfy their needs and improve their standard of living.

Physical process: is when a substance changes its state. The chemical composition of the material does not change.

Chemical process: is when a substance is transformed into a different substance with different characteristics. The composition of the material changes.


Raw materials can be classified into three main categories:

1. Animal origin

2. Vegetable origin

3. Mineral origin

Raw materials are transformed by physical and chemical processes into the various types of materials that are used for manufacturing. They are prepared so that they are ready to use for making many different manufactured good.

The manufacturing process:

Forestry and Wood: - the low carbon industry
2013 HM126 Portable Sawmill In Action Writing Desk Building Process by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers
1. We get raw materials form nature. 2. We process them to make materials. 3. We make goods with these materials.








Raw materials and materials

cellulose, coal, chestnut, clay, component, composition, copper, cork,
cotton, derivative, desk, earthenware, fastener, floor, furniture, gas,
glass, goods, hair, hide, iron, linen, log, machine, marble, material, metal,
mineral, nature, need, oil, ore, paper, petroleum, pine, plank, plaster,
plastic, platform, porcelain, process, quarry, rock, sand, sheep, silk,
source, standard of living, state, steel, stone, thread, tin, tree truck,
wood, wooden board, wool, vegetable.

Come from,
contain, create, cut, extract, form, improve, make, melt, process, satisfy,
transform, use.

decorative, main, manufactured, physical, structural, synthetic

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